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Strength & Conditioning for Wounded Warriors, Military Veterans and their families

Progressive Results provides a range of unique exercise therapy programs promoting health and wellness for our Wounded Warriors, Military Veterans  and their families for a better quality of life.

Progressive Results' is located at 1510 Morena Blvd., Suite A in San Diego. The location is also home to the United States Girevoy Sport Federation.

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Mental, Emotional and Spiritual factors

"...You see, the question is not one of strength, not one of talent. It's a matter of what's in the head. In the physical sense, you should, you need to work very hard, but with the nerves."  -  Vasiliy Alexeev, two-time Olympic gold medalist, holder of 80 world records in weightlifting


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Progressive Results
Mission Bay
San Diego, CA 92117

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Telephone  619-786-7758
Mobile Phone  619-764-1882


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